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About Attorney Richard Ivar Rydstrom:

Mr. Rydstrom has been quoted or published by:

110th Congress of the United States,The Los Angeles Times, USA Today Magazine, AIR Commercial Real Estate Association, Constructor Magazine for the American General Contractors Association, MortgageOrb, Mortgage Daily News, The American Legal& Financial Network, Orange County Register,, National Business Institute, CMISfocus Magazine, Pepperdine University (Law, Business Journal), Society of California Accountants, Landlords and Real Estate Owners associations nationwide, and others. Richard is published or quoted by the national mortgage press and media continuously.

Mr. Rydstrom is a California attorney for 20 years. He is published by Congress, published or quoted in the national and regional media many times, and enjoys the reputation of a legal gladiator. He is a national expert and keynote speaker in the mortgage banking and foreclosures industry. He has litigated for plaintiffs and defendants. He has sued or defended some of the biggest in the country, including commercial owners, small business owners, doctors, and lawyers, as well as individuals in need. He has represented numerous clients in need and understands the personal struggle that many good people find themselves in during these troubling economic times. He recently obtained the return of a home taken in a defective foreclosure from two major national banks. He has extricated clients from potential million dollar judgments. He has protected clients facing judgments with legal asset protection exceptions found in the law, and known to few attorneys, outside of this discipline.

    Some significant distinctions include:

    Published in a Statement to the 110th Congress, House Ways & Means Committee, Chairman Charles Rangel
    Considered a national expert in mortgage banking and related foreclosures
    Honorary member of the American Legal and Financial Network (AFN)
    Chairman of CMIS (Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions)
    Member of the HAMP Policy Working Groups (AFN, Treasury, etc.)
    CLE speaker and educator for attorneys, judges, banks, servicers, accountants and financial advisors  for the National Business Institute (NBI)
    Frequent keynote speaker, panelists, and moderator at national conferences and webinars including the AFN, NBI, CMIS, CMBA
    Voluntary Settlement Officer (VSO) for all Los Angeles courts